M*A*S*H - the book

mashDid you know that M*A*S*H actually started as a book? I didn't.  I recently found out although I can't remember where. I suspect a blog (anyone want to stand up and take credit???).

MASH is, unsurprisingly, a lot like the tv show and the movie (speaking of the movie, I just saw it this year and it was just wrong seeing Donald Sutherland pretend to be Hawkeye - yes, I know he did it first but Alan Alda owns it). Actually there are some scenes from the book that are entire episodes of the tv show.

Colonel Blake, Hawkeye (although with some differences) and Trapper are there.  And of course so is Radar (minus teddy bear though).  Hotlips is there in a much smaller role but she's still a hardass. Frank is there as well.

Good book. Weird to think that it when it was released it was just a little innocent book. Who would have guessed that it would kick off one of the biggest series on tv???