Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

can't wait to get to heavenI'm tired so my ability to rub a bunch of letters together to get words and then rub words together to get sentences is at a low ebb right now.

The only other Flagg book I've read is Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe. I had heard from a number of people that they didn't like her last book so I was a bit wary about this one. But I liked it. It was sweet but not to the point where you get the sugar high and then corresponding crash. More like vanilla ice-cream sweet.

I liked Elner. I think more people need to be like Elner. Elner was just a good person. She was one of those people who grew up but never lost the innocence of childhood. She found everything to be a discovery and was fascinated by the simple things that most of us don't bother to see or care about. The novel is also a reminder of how one live can touch dozens of others.

All that said, I have to say it did remind me a lot of FGTatWC. It seemed like a lot of the side characters were vaguely familiar. Helen reminded me of Evelyn. Elner reminded me of Idgie. Not that they were the same characters really...but they kind of served the same roles.

I think I've reached the end of my words for today (I actually did better than I thought I would, I'm *tired*).