Work Music

I have trouble working to music when the music has words. I find it distracting. I think because I have to do a lot of thinking and wrapping my brain around technical stuff and words and trying to remember what each of the 1000s of acronyms mean. Or in some cases what that particular acronym means in a particular case cause some of them are the same but mean different things.  Ugh.  It's like a whole weird new secret code.

So there's already too many words in my head and my head can't take any more.  I splurged when I moved in here and got digital cable.  So I have digital music channels.  Yay music! So I have a few choices. Oddly...well oddly to me anyway, I find the baroque classical channel quite nice to work and read to.  It makes me feel yuppy-ish though.  And old.

I recently started requesting CDs from the library.  And I've found this CD to be really nice to work too.

Yes, it's the Pride and Prejudice film score. I find it really relaxing and soothing. It's good background noise.  Which I need because working in absolute silence I find it easy to distract myself.

Is anyone else not able to listen to music with words while they work? (Cat, I already know that you can, lol, I know you're there right now rocking the 80s station ;) )

I could just be weird. I mean I know I'm weird but this might just be another manifestation of my weirdness. ;)