I went for a walk tonight.

I did not intend to buy anything.

I thought maybe I'd go to a patio, have a beer. But the patios were full of loud people who had been there most of the day, many celebrating the World Cup. I just wasn't in the mood for that.

So I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up somethings that I needed. And then I stopped and had dinner at a little Thai place (disappointing, the pad thai just wasn't all that appetizing).

And then...then I walked into the bookstore. I had stopped at another bookstore and had resisted temptation. I didn't fair so well at the second one. It's only right. There's only so much I can resist after all.

I walked out of the second one with two books. Middlesex which I still haven't read and was on discount for $7. The second, and I justified this due to the fact that I can use it as an SRC selection, was Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing.

I heard an interview with him on the radio a few months back when this first came out. He read a number of poems from it. I've always kind of like Leonard Cohen although never allowed myself to like him too much due to the fact that an ex of mine totally loved him. But I'll admit, I always had a bit of a thing for his low gravelly voice. During the interview he read a rather intimate poem and I was hooked. Looking through this book, reading a line here and there, had confirmed this. I am a Leonard Cohen fan.

Aside from that I really wish I had taken my camera with me. The sign on the second hand books store explained that it was closed for the World Cup and would re-open when it was over. lol