Eat! or How I Met The Head

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about how I met The Head.  I had caught a glimpse of him here and there when he was picking up cat from work (I saw The Head when he had HAIR!). We just had never really met because we were just always in different places at different times.  Also around this time Cat was really sick.  There were a few months were she was surviving mostly on bread and water and sometimes soup or biscuit’s from the Monkey’s momma (actually this was pre “Monkey” hmmm…).  At this point I know longer worked with Cat but I lived worked across the street from where she worked (I swear sometimes I spent so much time there that it felt like I lived there).

Then one day in November, Cat left work sick. I remember it was a Friday. This was big because at this point Cat was so sick that she didn’t really have time to take off for being sick. She was just constantly sick and worked through it. But this day she left and I knew that she was going to go to the hospital.  So I called her at home a few hours later. She wasn’t back yet. That was fine. Wait times in Montreal hospitals are notoriously long.  So I called a few hours later.  And again a few hours after that.  And then it ceased to be Friday and I still hadn’t heard from her.  So I called again Saturday morning and still nothing.  A few hours after that I got a call from Cat saying she was in the hospital, she had been there all night, she had just gotten a room and she was going to have surgery.

I forced myself up off the couch, ran to the Eaton Centre to pick up some stuff she needed (I know there was moisturizer…maybe a toothbrush…stuff like that).  Then I picked up some food because I knew that The Head was there as well.  And I knew that he had been with her and knowing what I knew about him, hadn’t left to eat or had only hit up the vending machine.  Have you ever tried to buy food for someone you don’t know??? It’s hard.  I picked up a couple of sandwiches, some salad and drinks and then piled myself into a cab. In theory I could have walked to the hospital but I had food and it was all uphill. Cab was just easier. 

Cat had already told me her room number and by the time I got there she was already in surgery.  So this is basically how I met the The Head.

“Hi. I’m Karen.”

“Hi. I’m The Head. Cat’s in surgery.”

“Ok, here’s food.  There are sandwiches, type a and type b. Pick one and eat.”

That’s how I met The Head. I ordered him to do something.  Some things never change eh?

Unfortunately The Head had to leave the hospital to go to work before Cat got back from recovery (he had been told she was out of surgery and fine though).  So I stayed with Cat that evening.  This could also be known as the day that I saw Cat’s butt but I think she’d appreciate me not talking about that. ;-)