Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? I am!

Well I just blew my budget. I made a dentist's appointment - something I've put off for far too long.  Partly because I'm scared silly of dentists (as in just calling made me tense and shaky even though the receptionist was really, really nice).But mostly because I know that they are going to tell me that I need to have to have my bottom wisdom teeth removed (and possibly the one remaining one on the top too) which means oral surgery and that scares me in ways I can't even describe.  And yeah...I will get money back from insurance for this but my credit card is gonna take a hit for awhile.

Dentist appointment is on the 18th. I'm sure they'll refer me to the oral surgeon pretty much immediately.  Surgery would not happen until the last half of August for several reasons. I have a publishing cycle the first of August and can't miss work.  I'll need that overtime to make up for the time I have to take off.  But most importantly the mommies don't come home until mid-August and I need someone there to pick me up off the floor (err I tend to pass out in dentists offices - cleanings are ok...anything more than that...not so much).  And they have a car which is useful since trying to carry me home on the subway wouldn't be so much fun.  And they are mommies - even if they aren't my mommies if I'm going to have surgery (even oral surgery) there is a gonna be a mommy there dammit.  And I've been told by the redhead that I'm not allowed to schedule it until then because they are going to take care of me (aren't they great mommies?).

So I have two weeks to freak out over going to the dentist.  I should be wound tighter than... ummm something really tight by the time it rolls around.  And I think I might have to budget in a taxi for the way home. I don't know if I can deal with rush-hour transit after a trip to the dentist...

(I know dentists aren't really evil. I know someone who is supposed to be a really, really good dentist in Montreal {I wouldn't know personally - he's way beyond my budget}.  He's a nice guy. But everyone needs to have at least one irrational fear - mine are dentists and clowns. If you ask me neither of them are really that irrational as both dentists and clowns are SCARY.)