Budgeting sucks

Right I think this is going to be my last update on finances for awhile cause umm money sucks. ;)

Ok, I'm putting on my serious hat now. In response to my last post - no, I can't do ALL that in 6 months with one job. There is the whole second job thing, but looking ahead over the next 6 weeks that would not be a good idea. I'm facing a publishing cycle and publishing cycles are intense. And this is a standard release which makes it a wee bit more intense because it means it's customer facing (all the kinks *should* be worked out by now but there are always little things that make it through and drive us all nuts). And I really do want to try to get to Montreal at the end of August. So yeah, early September is the earliest I can handle that.

So tonight I spend a couple of hours going over things (this wasn't planned, it just happened). I found a couple of excel templates on the Microsoft site that sped things up because I didn't have to go through figuring out formulas and what not. Basically, if I do not use my credit cards at all (or if I use them for preapproved purchases and put that much more money on them) I can almost make my goal of zero balances on both by Jan 1, 2007. I would have my Mastercard paid off but Visa wouldn't be paid off until Feb 1, 2007. That's without any extra payments other than what I already have budgeted. If I stick on an extra $50 three months in a row I can have the Visa paid off on time. This does *not* include the money I've got coming in in expense checks and reimbursements for my massage therapy. That money can be thrown on these and get them paid off even faster. :)

Also none of this takes into account the extra paycheck that I get in December either (I love 3 paycheck months, seriously love them). I'm doing my best to forget about that because I don't want to use it towards anything right now. I'm sure something will pop up over the holidays that I'll need to have extra cash for (like suddenly finding myself unemployed on Jan 1...).

Savings - there's no way to get my emergency fund to the point where I want to get it before the end of the year. Well...not if I want to eat. But I'm ok with that. I just need to keep start putting money into my long term savings account on a regular basis. I put some money in tonight. Aren't you proud???

I've been working to refine my non-budget budget so that it's more like a real budget. But it's hard because I just cancelled my veggie delivery so now I feel like I'm kind of starting from the beginning again. So I'm going to track things this month and see how it goes. :)