Heat wave

So...we're having another heat wave here.  And like every other heat wave they keep talking about energy usage.  And how we're getting close to setting another "consumption" record.

Now maybe it's just me but I have to wonder if they are challenging us.  Yes, I know it's important that we try to conserve energy. I get it. Really I do.  And I often feel bad about having the lights on all day but I live in a basement and it's lights or tripping over everything and going blind from trying to read in the dark.

And I know that there are stupid people out there. Like the store owners that have the a/c cranked and their door wide open.  It makes me scream internally when I see those stores. I don't shop in them.

But yes, every time I hear them talk about how TODAY MIGHT BE A RECORD I feel like they are challenging me.  And I'm tired of hearing it every darned day.  It's hot. We use a lot of energy. I get it.   How about talking about tips to REDUCE energy consumption along with those warnings.

(All that being said I really don't find it that bad. I don't have a/c. In fact, I haven't even used a fan this summer, except to help dry my laundry when the dryer was broken. I may be some type of mutant...)