Not much reading here

I didn't get much reading done here. I spent a lot of the day yesterday hanging out at the BlogHer site trying to catch some liveblogging action. And then today I spent the day trying to get my bedroom in order. It's still a work in progress but I have made...well...progress. lol It's something I've been avoiding for awhile but last week I picked up a book at the library that got the wheels turning and that resulted in me requesting another book from the library.

real simply home organization real simple solutions

I got the Solutions book first. I was looking at the cookbooks and saw that and thought "what the heck" and added it to my pile. I thought it was really well put together so I requested the Organized Home book and got that this week too.

Beautiful pictures. Well organized books. Great ideas. Some really great ideas.

I really liked these books but whenever I get these from the library I always wonder if they are something I would buy. I think of the two I'd be more likely to buy the Organized Home...just because I think I would use it more.

As you know, I've sworn off book buying for a month so OF COURSE these books are on sale. lol

Also I think I'm going to check out the Real Simple magazine. My library branch doesn't carry it but the next closest one does so maybe I'll take a look next weekend and see what I think of it.

I really hate having so much stuff. I had originally planned this whole reorganization thinking I could fit another bookcase but it's not going to happen. There really just isn't enough room at the moment. So I'm going to have to figure out other ways to squeeze stuff in and get rid of stuff. I'm such a clutter-bug.