Getting organized ain't cheap

It really isn't. IT's no wonder I'm a clutter-bug and that my apartment is a mess. I went to an organizational solutions store today.

I bought bed risers.

Actually I bought two sets of them. You can stack them two high and that should raise the bed 7 inches allowing me to store more stuff under it. There are also plastic risers that are 7" but they are way uglier. And the store didn't have any. And trust me, these things are real wood cause they weigh a TON.

I have a lot of shoes. They've been sitting around in a laundry basket and I've been needing to do something with them. I figured this was a good solution for me. I still need to buy a shoe rack as well. Well...really I need two shoe racks. I need a small one for the entry way and I another one for my bedroom closet.

Yes I have a lot of shoes. And no, I don't wear most of them on a regular basis. I can't help it. I like shoes.

I alsp bought a little thing for my desk that hold hanging file folders. I'm tired of digging in my file boxes for the stuff I use often and leaving them out just makes things look cluttered. I think it will help. I hope it will help.

All that = $91.

Now I understand why I didn't organize as a student. I was too poor to do it.

I still have things to buy.  Like I mentioned above I need shoe racks. And I need another bookcase.  And just lots of stuff.  I could go on and on and on.  But I won't. My plan is to pick things up bit by bit.  I'll get there eventually. sigh. But I'm tired of being such a mess.