ewww I'm all sweaty

Getting organized also ain't easy.

I went to move everything so I could put the bed on risers. When I pulled out the (luckily) plastic under the bed organizers I discovered that moisture had developed under one of them. Not good when you live in a basement apartment. It smelled kinda funky. So I cleaned it up with some cleanser and then went over the tops again with vinegar. My bedroom will now smell like vinegar but that's probably an approvement.

Me being me I tried to put the bed on the risers without taking the mattress and boxspring off the frame. (Hey, I never said I was smart all the time. It actually kinda worked until the frame kinda detached itself a bit. So off came the mattress and boxspring. The frame is fixed and I'm taking a break cause I'm all sweaty. Yucky.

Meanwhile Piper is in there getting into things. Sigh. I hope I don't have to lock her in the bathroom.

Also it's a good thing I decided to do this as I've discovered mildew on something. Ugh. I hate humidity and how it causes icky things to grow. I also think that I just plain need to get rid of stuff cause I don't like having to trip over things and move around a bunch of stuff. Or cleaning it either. I'm a big fan of minimalist living...I just don't know how to live without stuff. But man do I ever wish I did. It would be easier.

Sometimes one of things I hate about living alone is how seemingly simple things can be difficult. Like putting a bed on risers. It's a simple idea...but trickier to do with one person than two.

Ok...back to the pit.

EDIT: sigh...after all that I can't stack two under the bed storage containers on top of each other after all. Which leaves only one options. PURGE! I must start purging. [second edit: I figured out that I can actually fit the second one underneath the bed as well, even if I can't stack them. So under the bed I have a trunk and two stoage containers. Ones is empy at the moment but will soon be filled with things that have been under the dresser etc. Stuff like my drill and sander and hand weights]  I hate cleaning and organizing. It makes me feel like I'm a slob and I have too much stuff and like I'll never get my shit together. My whole life I've been trying to cram too much stuff into small spaces and I don't know how to break the pattern. sigh