Bedroom status report

Ok. Bed is on the risers. I'm fairly certain it's safe enough to sleep on. lol It seems sturdy...well...enough for one person anyway. ;)

I did manage to fit the two containers under the bed, althuogh not stacked. And my trunk is under there too. I am going to have to look into replacing the trunk. It's in really rough shape. And not nostaligic rough shape but seriously starting to fall apart bad shape.

Closet is mostly organized. Things are hanging - even my jammies!!! (I really don't have room for them in my dresser...). My closet is (thankfully) quite large but unfortunately it's the only closet in the apartment so it's sort of a catch all. So I really only have half of it for clothes. I'll have a bit more room after I get rid of my suitcase. Why am I giving it away? Cause the foot is broken and it doesn't stand up properly so it's kinda useless. Have I mentioned that I tend to hang on to things??? Yeah...well I do. I figure if I keep it I'll never replace it so I think it will soon be time to go. I also have an old, very dead, computer in there. I gotta get rid of that too. I keep thinking I'll pick up a baseball bat someday and go nuts on it in the manner of Office Space...

The bottom drawer of my dresser is organized...mostly. I may have to manuever things a bit yet but so far it's looking good.

My to buy list is growing:

  1. more plastic hangers (dollarstore)

  2. more skirt/pant hangers (dollarstore)

  3. extension cord

  4. bedspread or duvet and duvet cover

  5. step-stool

  6. CD/DVD case - it's in the living room actually but the books are overflowing into the bedroom (I've decided, for the sake of space in the bookshelf which I desperately need, to purge all my dvd cases and put all my dvds into a binder or binders - this is hard for me because I hate getting rid of original packaging. I like to hold onto things remember?)

  7. Shoe racks

  8. Drawer separators for my underwear drawer. (I can't find any links to them).

  9. Something to put on the walls cause I have no personality (well...not if you look at my bedroom).

Things to purge:

  1. Suitcase

  2. Chairs - but I'm going to hold on to them in case the mommies need them for their new apartment

  3. VCR??? - I'm still thinking about this...I really never use it. It's just taking up space. It's also not the in bedroom but hey, I'm making a list. Instead of taking this to Goodwill though I'll check and see if the library or community centre can use it.

  4. Papers...I have paper clutter all over the place.

  5. Piper's damaged cat carrier but I need to buy another one first (in case of emergency I need to have something I can throw her in).

I should have done before and after pics but ummm I really don't want you all to know exactly how much of a slob I really am. I'll take a picture of the bed later so you can see the stuff underneath and hey, maybe I'll even take a picture of my closet. ;) It's not likely to look so organized for very long.