The Breakup Club

breakdup clubMelissa Senate's The Breakup Club had potential. It looks at four people who are all struggling with that breakup thing. Lucy, married for more than 10 years, discovers that her husband is planning to leave her. Her sister Miranda can't let go of her ex. Christopher's wife left him for another man. And Roxy left her fiance on their wedding day to pursue a different life. The four of them end up at the same table at a company party, drink too much and form the breakup club.

Like I said, it had potential. Unfortunately it didn't really meet it. Each chapter was told by from the point of view of one of the breakup club members. Unfortunately the novel was too short for this to be used at it's best advantage. I always find that this approach work best with a longer novel.

As well, I found that the passage of time was hard to follow. It takes almost 200 pages to go a month and then next 130 pages cover approximately a year. So the last half of the book feels rushed. To say nothing of the fact that the breakup club isn't even formed until page more than halfway through the book.

I did like the characters though. I especially liked Roxy. I could totally understand why someone who was 26 and about to marry the only boy she ever dated and by all appearances settle down to the exact same marriage as her parents would freak out and run away from her home by getting on the subway - from the neck up in full bridal glory (big hair, veil and scary makeup).