Slightly Engaged

slightly engagedOk. I know. It's chick-lit. I know I shouldn't expect much. But man, was I ever disappointed with Wendy Markham's Slightly Engaged.

You see, I rather liked the first one in this series, Slightly Single. Yeah she was doing that stupid girl thing of hanging onto a guy who treated her like crap but I could forgive her for that. She did other things for herself and in the end kinda came into her own and I enjoyed that.

Then came Slightly Settled. It was ok. I didn't like the guy she was dating. Whatever. It wasn't great, it wasn't horrible.

This one? Just plain bad. I reallllly disliked it. I got soooooo annoyed with Tracey. Whine, whine whine. Why won't my boyfriend propose. Whine. Everyone else is getting engaged and married and I'm such a loser cause I'm not. Whine. My life will end if I don't get engaged. Whine. Cause I'm getting too old to not be engaged or married. Whine. (She is 25 by the way...).

And the end is such a blatant prop for another book in the series. While it doesn't say " be continued" it does say "but that's another story" so guess what??? We can expect another book.

What a shock.

I hate it when a good (well, by chick-lit standards anyway) book turns into a bad series.