Need more beer

I do...really. Tonight was a serious drinking night and I only had two pints. I wish I had some beer at home. Oh well.

I do feel much more destressed. Coming home to find the evil vile landlords doing laundy and the laundry room smelling suspiciously like MY LAUNDRY DETERGENT didn't even piss me off that much. I just took my laundry detergent into my apartment and said they were jackasses (not to them but to the boys who stopped by b/c Jony was borrowing a book). Why so calm??? Because after Tuesday or Wednesday they won't be my problem anymore!!! Woohoo! (Well...mostly...I foresee them leaving a PILE of trash to be cleaned up and take to the curb).

Anyway, tonight I wandered through part of the Beaches Jazz Fest. We didn't get in very far. Didn't even make it as far as Kew. On the way there we stopped at Murphy's Law for a pint and some food. After that we wandered through the first part of the Jazz Fest. It was pretty busy.

We stopped for a bit by the Firkin and listened to a cool band. Kit-Cat loves Firkins (at least she told me that if she ever comes to visit she wants to go to one) so I took this shot for her.

Then we went to Lion on the Beach and had another point. I've gone there for brunch a few times. I'll never understand why pubs thing that carpeting is a good idea...the place smelled a bit funky. But it has decent food and cold beer so it's not all bad.

And really what's a trip to the jazz fest without stopping at Vespa in the Beach???

They had the nicest green and white second hand Vespa. It was all vintage and soooooooooo me. Only $5000. Unfortunately I don't have a spare $5K lying around to buy a vespa. But ummm...yeah. it was really me... The boys even said so. I like Vespa. They are little and just um me. Maybe someday...

And then it was time to go home. Ohh I didn't get pictures but there were LOTS of firemen. *le sigh*