All the cool people are at BlogHer right now.  And wearing cool shoes. And having fun. And taking naps. And stuff.
And I'm sitting here fighting with Frame cause the stupid installer won't install and I haven't done any real work in over 24 hours and I'm seriously behind and none of it is my fault at all. And I can't call the tech guys cause the washer is on the spin cycle and it's LOUD.

And this weekend while they are having all kinds of fun I'm going to be working and cleaning my bedroom. I'm going to try this whole "organization" thing. This will involve a trip to here. (Oh hey! Sale! Cool...too bad they won't tell me what's on sale...) And in order to get there I have to walk by here and that's always dangerous cause that place has fun foodie toys. And I can't really buy anything there cause yesterday I went here and bought panties. And I'm planning to go back sometime next month can get a bra fitting.  It's been awhile and my bras aren't feels as comfy as they used to. And umm I'se gots to save moneys first cause their stuff isn't cheap.
And melting in the humidity. If it gets anymore humid in Toronto *I* might start to mould...and if that happens I really may turn green.  Well at least I hope I'd turn green. The black sporey mould scare me. And I'm allergic to the blue type moulds.  So yeah...a green mould would be ideal.