5000 different directions

Yes, I'm posting a lot today. I can't stop myself. My brain is going in 5000 different directions at once. I'm sleep deprived and there is just tooooooooo much going on...

  • CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT WORK. Someone make it stop.  After all week of being on high-alert and hypertense it just stopped dead today and keep thinking that I.MUST.WORK.  But I don't have to. I stopped almost 4 hours again and cannot stop thinking about it.

  • BlogHer...so many BlogHer thoughts. Cannot keep up with thoughts. Cannot keep up with blogs.  It will be worse tomorrow when they open up CHAT.

  • Photos - going to this in a few hours and must remember camera.

  • Bedroom - bedroom is a mess. Hitting the organization/storage store tomorrow but already feeling totally overwhelmed.  What do I need???? How do I organize all the stuff that I don't have room for. HELP!!! (I have books, many books...). And starting to think about painting furniture...

  • Apartment is a total and complete mess. Need to clean it at some point...

  • I need a big cold drink.

  • Is this week really over??? Can it really be over???

  • Do I *really* not have to work this weekend.

I clearly need sleep. Lots of sleep.  All of the above is running through my head at the rate of 50 thoughts a second.  Need help. Sleep. Alcohol. Something.