Why working at home can suck

Working at home sucks when there is a problem and you find yourself totally unable to walk away.

You see today the shiteth hiteth the faneth. Pretty much right after this mornings post. I had an issue. An issue that I had in April which would have been the last time we tried to publish this collection of books. I'm really starting to loathe this collection of book. And FrameMaker. FrameMaker is the anti-Christ. Or it thinks I'm the anti-Christ. In any case we have some mutual hate going on. I like to make PDFs - it likes to randomly make fonts invalid (I seem to have reduced it down to a font issue that involves installing fonts in about 10 different ways in order to get them to work...).

I'm not entirely sure what happened but it involved very messed up PDFs. (Not to be confused with the PDF issue of Sunday - that involved a totally different program and a total different manner in which to make PDFs).

So things broke down sometime before noon.

It is now 10:15pm and I just finished working. I quit when I was able to make a PDF successfully. Cause hey, who knows how long I'll have this magical PDF-making window for???

Now if I worked in a "real" office I probably would have only worked until 6 or 7. Because I worked from home I put in a 12 hour day.

I know, you are all wondering why I didn't just walk away from the computer? Because it's RIGHT THERE. I kept thinking well...I can try this. Then when that didn't work, hmm ok - what about this? And this? And this?

In the end I conquered the great and mighty beast know as FrameMaker (at least temporarily). Which means that when I go to sleep tonight I won't have dreams of it chasing me and taunting me with PDF issues. And after temporarily not being able to connect to the VPN I can do that as well so I'm going to send off a couple of emails and then ooze myself into bed...