Princess Present

princess presentI've had a very bad day.

The type of bad day that within 30 minutes of getting up you seriously consider going back to bed and hiding until the day is over (if you really want to know what type of bad day I had before 8am you can read it here but really, I've just had a generally bad day). As the day goes on, you kinda wish you had done that.

Plus work kinda sucks right now. I mean, part of me really likes the publishing phase of things because it really feels like we've gotten something done and the work I'm doing right now will be seen in a week or two as opposed to say...oh the four months before it in which you only feel productive in fits and starts.

The part of me that hates it is primarily my eyeballs. Clicking through a 1144 page document to make sure that the alternating footers actually alternate on every page and don't repeat just simply sucks. And it gives one a rather massive headache. Not to mention the eyestrain. It doesn't help that you have to do this a minimum of two times and quite possibly more (so far I seem to have gotten away with only twice...). But then you have to go through and look for module headings that are aligned on the wrong side of the page. This is much easier to do when it's already been PDF'd as I can just click on the bookmarks. At least I was smart and downloaded the first 25 chapters of Pride and Prejudice from Librivox so that I was able to not fall asleep while doing this (my brain rather likes to multitask).

Doesn't my job just sound fun right now??? And I only have ohhhh about 5 more equally large documents to get through.

So yeah, I needed fluff. Meg Cabot's The Princess Present = fluff. And it was short. After today I needed fluff and short. It worked quite well. For tomorrow I have chick-lit romance type book. I don't think my brain can handle much more than fluff when I'm doing this type of stuff at work.

So yes - Meg Cabot in any form is always a good publishing cycle read. Although this one leaves me wondering why the heck Mia is even friends with Lily cause Lily is like the worst best friend ever.