I hate today

I hate this week.  Yes I know it's only Tuesday but this week SUCKS!

Let's review shall we? Worked Sunday because I took Friday off.  Could not PDF.

Yesterday - could not PDF until 1pm.  Had to cancel an export three times.  Realized I had to install fonts.  Totally exhausted last night to the point where I was too tired to even read.  Until about 9. For some reason around 9 I got more energy.

Today - I hate today. I got up at 7:30. Took the garbage too the curb. Took the green bins to the curb. One of the was unbalanced and hit a crack in the sidewalk and twisted spilling disgusting compost juice on my foot.  ewwwwwwwww.  Picked up the yard waste to take it to the curb and the bottom stayed. Had to clean up yucky composting yard waste that had BUGS IN IT and take it to the curb. Come inside and wash my feet and hands.

Yesterday I wrote this post about breakfast.  Decided I'd attempt a breakfast of sorts because I'm bloody exhausted. I've been exhausted since Friday. I don't know what's this "energy" thing of which you all speak.  Decide I can handle a Carnation Instant Breakfast.  Put the powder in the glass.  Pour milk.  Not enough milk.  Run to corner store. Come back. Finish pouring. Set glass beside desk. Turn on computer. Pick up glass.  Glass decides it didn't like me and hits the ejection button.  Falls to floor.

Falls to floor right at the corner of my desk.  Spills yucky chocolatey milk all over the shelf, the wall (above and below). Over my books.  In-between the wall and the desk.  All over the floor. All over the my 1 million computer cords.  Somehow it didn't get all over power-bar.

I have ceramic floors. I hate ceramic floors. Do you know how flipping hard it is to clean liquid off ceramic floors??? I hate them.

Why it is that something that takes 2 seconds to spill takes 15 minutes to clean up????

I finished cleaning, which involved moving the damn desk.  It took three tea towels to clean it up.

I'm giving up on this breakfast thing.

Lovely. As I sit here writing this my cat just puked in my bathroom and is now back at her food dish.  I now get to clean up cat puke. And then I'm going to shower.

1. I hate today.

2. I'm going to stick to coffee for breakfast.