Please send alcohol

Preferably wine or tequila.

I am cursed. Really, I do believe that I am.

I am cursed with "PDF interruptus" and this curse is only active during publishing cycles.

During out last publishing cycle, at 5pm on a Friday, the week before the books were due (and they were due by end of day Wednesday), my computer stopped producing PDFs. could produce a few pages perfectly fine. That doesn't really help when you are trying to PDF 1000 page documents however. It was a MESS. (And really, the documents were a big mess before that anyway - it was just a disaster).

And I'm using a different program and it won't let me PDF anything with conditional text. I thought it was limited to the document I'm currently working on and now I've just discovered that documents I was able to successfully PDF on Thursday now also get errors. I checked to make sure that it wasn't just that one document. Oh how I wish it was.

The scary part in all this??? The documents that messed up during the last cycle - yeah I have to do those again. I was supposed to start working on those today. But I can't cause I have to deal with this.

I have two or three weeks in which to get everything done and it's off to a truly craptastic start.

I wonder if the LCBO delivers????

The pdf issues are not mine alone. There's an issue with the server and it's affecting more than me.

I'm not cursed.


PS. Please still feel free to send alcohol. After all, this is still only day one of the publishing cycle.  There will be more issues. I can guarantee it.