Most important meal of the day

How many times have we heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? I probably hear it a *minimum* of once a week. And you know what??? I still don't eat it.

You know what breakfast is for me? Coffee and a glass of water. Sometimes (rarely) when I remember, I also add a calcium pill.

I know, I know. I should eat it. But I never really have. When I was a kid I rarely ate breakfast before school. I was often alone in the mornings anyway from the age of 8 onward (something that today would, I'm sure, cause major mommy war flaming).

Breakfast was just never my thing. I really, for the most part, don't like breakfasty foods. Somedays I do crave a greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs and hashbrowns usually after a night of drinking actually (let's see how many ways I can hurt my body in a single weekend!!!). Sometimes I go nut and add some baked beans to the menu as well. But never, ever cretons. Don't know what cretons are??? Trust me, you're better off that way.

I used to like pancakes until the great Smitty's debacle of c.1990. I ordered "the haystack". My aunt made me eat it all. I think I puked. (Who lets a 10 yo order "The Haystack" and then is actually sadistic enough to make them finish it??? Unsurprisingly this is my father's sister). And I can now never seem to eat more than one or two pancakes - ever. Two usually makes me feel queasy. It's really rather sad because I've been told I make yummy pancakes (I make them from scratch). French toast is good but not something I want to eat often.

When I was a kid I hated cereal. I've recently discovered that I like is as an adult, especially Special K Vanilla Almond. But I don't want to eat it every day. I like yogurt but because I'm not in the habit of eating breakfast I rarely eat it all before it goes bad. Toast is probably what I eat for breakfast most often...when I actually do eat breakfast that is. Usually with peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam. Once upon a time, during rush periods at my last job, I used to force myself to eat oatmeal every morning because it was generally the healthiest thing I'd eat all day.

I find breakfast to be a really monotonous meal. I know people, my mother included, eat the same thing every day.  I don't know how they do it.  As I mentioned somewhere, I'm very much a "mood eater". If I'm not in the mood for something I just don't want to eat it.  And generally speaking, first thing in the morning I don't want to eat ANYTHING.

But I know I should.  It's just really hard to convince my sleepy brain and stomach of that first thing in the morning...

Any suggestions?