I got up today knowing that I had to do work today. As in work-work. Not a big deal.

Then the bomb dropped.  My book won't generate pdfs with condition text. I just get big ole errors. sigh.

So I fought with it for a few hours. And then I took a break. And then I fought with it some more.  And then after about 6 six hours of work I just plain gave up.  Sent off a ticket to the techy guys and I'll deal with it tomorrow.

And I'm eating sushi tonight. Mmm sushi.  It's the last dinner with Mikey because he runs away to the wilds of Saskatoon on Tuesday. Luckily Saskatoon has Starbucks.  Mikey would not be able to survive without Starbucks.

Note to self: make more friends in Toronto as half your social circle is leaving.

I'm off to work on something before running away to dinner and with any luck I'll finish it before I leave and can feel as thought I've been productive today.

(Wow - I managed to say a whole lot of nothing didn't I???)