Just cause it's Saturday

I thought I'd link to a post this week that I've liked. I read all kinds of blogs. I read book blogs. I read knitting blogs. I read foodie blogs. I read mommy blogs (no, I'm still not kid inclined). I read blog blogs. They all have things in common. In one way or another they are about peoples lives. One way or another as bloggers we are allowing people a glimpse of our lives. Those of us with multiple blogs often allow different glimpses into our lives.

And people read about our lives. And they comment. I've read several discussions about comments lately in places such as BlogHer. Whether or not to allow comments can be an issue as can how to deal with unpleasant or down right nasty comments. Often, if your blog gains in popularity, you get more commenters. And with the good comes the bad. I must say that I personally don't understand posting nasty comments on peoples blogs. I believe it's possible to disagree and still be polite. I don't understand personal attacks. I don't believe in posting comments that you wouldn't say to some one's face (ok, true enough there are people out there that likely would say it to your face but for the majority of us, it would be harder). I don't understand what compels people to do so.

I really enjoyed this post, on a craft blog this week.

The times they are a changing

And here's an extract for you:
Now I am passionate about freedom of speech, and I am concerned about how it can be used in blogs and blogging. We all know that freedom of speech can be used to create or to destroy. If misapplied, freedom of speech becomes a freedom to undermine, to critcise, to make simplistic, vacuous and judgmental comments which deaden the energy and life of creative blogs.

I'm lucky. So far my only annoyance is the spammers (luckily most of them are stemming from two IP addys so they are easy to catch when they do get through the filter). I haven't been on the receiving end of nasty comments. Largely because I don't have a wide base of readers and most of you who read this do know me. I don't know how I'd deal with the trolls and internet beasties...