I am banning bookstores. More specifically, I am banning myself from going into bookstores.

My friend was called to the bar yesterday and I attended the ceremony with his wife and family. In the afternoon I played tour guide showing his parents around the St. Lawrence Market and then before we parted ways I took them to Nicholas Hoare. It really is my favourite bookstore. It's extremely visually appealing. They have books there that you won't find any place else. They have seriously comfy chairs. Their shelves go alllll the way up the ceiling and they have those rolling ladders for you to use to get to the top shelves. It's the only bookstore where I never buy books at a discount. I buy almost all my books at some form of discount (I'm cheap). But they don't do discounts and they never seem to have sales. But I continue to shop there because they display their books so well it makes me want to lick them.

Seriously, I just want to live there. I want to curl up in one of their chairs in my jammies and bare feet with a cup of coffee and just read.

My friends parents loved the store as much as I do. They somehow managed to leave without purchasing anything.

Me??? I left with two books.

One is from Hesperus Press. According to their website their aim is to publish works "...written by the greatest writers, unjustly neglected or simply little known in the English language..."

lesley castle jane austenI just simply could not pass this Hesperus book up. First of all, it's Jane Austen. I seem to drawn to things Austen lately. I'm not entirely sure why but hey, I'm ok with it. And isn't it a beautiful cover??? It's a wee little thing at only 112 pages. Lesley Castle is an epistolary novel. So was the Moonstone but I won't hold that against the genre as I've enjoyed a number of modern epistolary novels.

There's someone I want to blame for this purchase because I know I've read about Hesperus Press on some one's blog lately but I'm not positive who it is but it clinched this purchase for me. I'm tempted to blame Danielle because she does tend to love (and order) books from Britain... But I could be wrong so I won't blame her. I'll just blame myself. ;) [Edit: Danielle was right - it was Heather at A High and Hidden Place who mentioned Hesperus Press. And that reminds me I really need to update my blogroll...] I'd really like to get my hands on a copy of their version of Lady Susan (I will not order it, I will not order it, I will not order it...but I might look into getting Nicholas Hoare to order it for me...if I ever allow myself to go inside again...).

debs at warThis is the other book I've purchased. I've looked at it several times and kept resisting. I kept thinking that I would get it from the library but I kept forgetting both the author's name.

For my history major I specialized in war and society. The two World Wars played a major role in the evolution of Canada as a sovereign nation. And it played a major role in the changing role and rights for women in many countries. A lot of my research papers ended up focusing on women. I've always had a great amount of admiration for the women who did their bit during the war. The wars opened doors for them and women went blazing through them. So I *had* to pick up this book. Especially as in the last year I've read several fiction books about the roles that women took in secret service to the British government in WWII (ok, they were still somewhat in "romance" genre but I liked the bits where they were SPIES). After hemming and hawing I just added it to the Jane Austen and ran to the counter before I bought anything else (trust me there's plenty to find there). Plus I was able to rationalize this one cause I still need another history book for the Summer Reading Challenge...I think (yes I just checked, I need to read 3...btw I'm officially behind on the challenge again). The author also has a book out called 1939: The Last Season which is also tempting to me because the whole idea of "seasons" and "coming out" is sooooooo completely foreign to my experience. They also had that one at Nicholas Hoare, conveniently located close to Debs at War but I resisted. Aren't you proud???

So yeah...I'm not even sure how many books I've bought lately. But I know it's been a lot and I.MUST.STOP!

I'm going to *try* to not buy any books for a month. Think I can do it???