I was thinking the other day and I realized that if I want to go to BlogHer next year I'll have to get a passport because they'll soon be required for flights into the US. Meh. I guess I'll have to get on that soonish.  I need to find a guarantor. Hmm maybe Lawyer Boy will be my guarantor. He likes signing things. I think he's the only person that I know locally that can sign it.

I've been meaning to get one soon anyway.  I'd need one if I want to go to Jordan in a couple of years.  Which, by the way, I'm rethinking. It's all going to come down on the political situation at the time.  Maybe I'll just got on a trip to Paris and eat a lot of bread and cheese, drink a lot of wine, and buy a lot of underwear?

Why don't I have one some of you may ask? Cause I can't afford to travel anywhere so why get one? It's been sheer economics.