Let them Eat Flax - SRC #7

let them eat flaxA little background first. I went to McGill University. Dr. Joe Schwarcz teaches at McGill University. No I never had him. But yes I used to see him puttering around campus from time to time.

I've always liked Dr. Joe's approach. He's one of those guys who knows almost everything about everything and what he doesn't know he wants to learn. And he wants to share this information with others. But it doesn't do it in the stereotypical Ivory Tower way, ie. he's not dry and stuff or overbearing. He is, quite simply, amusing. While Dr. Joe talks about serious stuff, and often stuff that is a bit over my head, he does it simply and with a healthy dose of humour. And he always tries to add in a human connection, whether it be a personal story and an amusing tale that he heard or some odd bit of history. He asks you to not automatically believe the best, or the worst, in everything.

And just in case you were wondering, no Let Them Eat Flax is not all about flax. It covers a wide range of things, that yes, really are mostly about everyday life. Including hair dye. And antiperspirant which apparently is not going to kill me or give me breast cancer as a former cow-worker told me (there are co-workers and cow-workers - I think you can tell the difference right?). It has me rethinking my ban on Splenda (artificial sweeteners kinda scare me). He wrote about smoked meat! I love me some smoked meat (if all goes as planned this summer you'll be subjected to a book review on a famous smoked meat joint in Montreal...I'm waiting for the book to be released and arrive at my library). If you are a woman and on hormonal birth-control you may want to thank the Mexican yam (I'm personally considering establishing a shrine to it myself). And one of the several men they suspect of being Jack the Ripper was also a McGill grad (we McGill people get around).

Needless to say, I enjoy Dr. Joe's books. In fact, when I was in PEI the other week I gave my mother one of his books, That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles, which I also heartily enjoyed. And I suspect when my mother finishes it will go to my sister. lol

Let them Eat Flax is composed of 70 essays. Each one is about 4 to 8 pages long which makes for a good morning commute book (I read Cookie Crumbles back in my commuting days).

The only thing I found about the book is that it's not really a book to sit down and read cover to cover, well not for me at least. It's one of those books that I like to keep around the house and pick up and read a couple of essays at a time. I think my brain just got overloaded in facts. :)