Knitting Yarn and Spinning Tales

knitting yarns and spinning talesKnitting Yarns and Spinning Tales is collection of essays on knitting edited by Kari Cornell.  Most of the writers were new to me although I am familiar with Amy Singer who is the founder of Knitty and writes the KnittyBlog. (By the way, she just quite her day job to do Knitty full-time! How exciting for her.  Stop by KnittyBlog and tell her so.)

I found the stories about knitting for babies the most touching.  But lots of good short essays in there. Oh and Katie, they have a section on crochet too! :)
And as I just finished the flax book and am plugging away on the writing book craving plot, these little stories were sooo refreshing for me. I need them.

Off to finish the writing book. And then I can curl up with some of that fiction with plot that I'm craving.

PS. I'm labelling this one "short stories" because I really don't want to add an "essay" category.