No Place for a Woman

no place for a womanI'm not going to lie. I spent the first half of Donna Hay's No Place for a Woman really annoyed with these wimpy women. It got a bit better but I really didn't love it or them.

There's Finn - she's supposed to be the tough one. She's a female construction worker and as such she faces a lot of sexist comments and prejudice from men on construction sites. But she deals with it well. But her Dad, who owns a construction company, doesn't even know that his daughter because is a builder because the worksite is "no place for a woman". Finn has been lying to him for years. He thinks she's a hair dresser. Meanwhile her useless jerk of a brother messes things up on the job regularly (he gets to inherit the business cause he's a BOY) and you know is you typical run of the mill petty thief and gambler.

Then there is Gina. Gina's family is filthy rich. They are like the Trumps of their town. But Gina has a breakdown after the birth of her daughter. Her family never lets her forget this and thinks that she is incapable of doing anything on her own. Her father is a big, bad business tycoon and everyone bends to his will, including her two brothers who will do anything to get their fathers approval or to make one of his plans go through. Oh and her husband is the local MP so she also gets to play the pretty silent politicians wife.

Somehow these two women's lives intersect and blah, blah, blah. I mean I'm sure you guys can figure out most of the plot just based on that right?