I survived

My new dentist is nice. He's goofy and does his best to put you at ease. He fully supports the use of drugs. I like that in a dentist.

The dental hygienist was really nice and gave me lots of breaks, as needed.  She was really friendly too. Also very good at putting me at ease.

I was right. I was referred to an oral surgeon. The top wisdom tooth, which is fully erupted, is practically in my cheek. It doesn't hurt but it's extremely difficult to clean and as such would eventually rot if not removed. It's not only hard for me to clean but it was also very difficult for them to clean.  Their attempts where honestly making me edgy and almost panicky.  The two bottom wisdom teeth are totally impacted. Assuming they can be removed (it depends on where the roots are) those suckers are coming out too.  My dentist assures me that the oral surgeon is a really nice guy and will give me lots of drugs. I like the sounds of the lots of drugs part.

I may also be a closet tooth grinder. Who knew? I know that I grind my teeth when I have a fever (a surefire way for my mother to know when I was seriously ill as a child) but it's completely possible that I grind my teeth more often. Apparently they are showing wear. They are going to keep and eye on it and compare my next couple of sets of x-rays and I have a feeling some sort of mouth guard may be in my future.

And because I have a small mouth I was given a little tooth brush.  Larger than a child's tooth brush but smaller than an adults.   And I was given a wee itty bitty brush for attacking that back tooth too.
It wasn't a *totally* scary visit.  And I don't have to go back too soon.  Considering it's been years (somewhere around five???) since I've been to the dentist my teeth were fairly clean (relatively speaking). Clean enough for them to say that I only have to back in 9 month intervals instead of 6 months if I want to.  I think I like these people.  Well...as far as dentists go anyway.
I still left vaguely shaky and feeling really pukey. Par for the course after a dental appointment.  No passing out though.  Yay!