I have a little anxiety

Apparently. I didn't think I was that concerned about work. Things are starting to get busy. That's good. I like it when things are busy. But with half my coworkers going on vacation DURING publishing...apparently it's making me a wee bit anxious.

Why do I say this? I had this dream last night.

It was Friday morning. I'm out of the office Friday morning to do something with some friends (yes, amazingly I actually DO have friends...occasionally).  As I was waiting for them I was sitting in the sun reading a book.  Then my cell phone rings. It was my manager.  She called to tell me that our server exploded and I had 10 days to recreate and publish 6500 pages. And then laughed hysterically.


The scary part? I said I need this, this, this and this and ok I'll do it.  And then I asked if our insurance covers leave for post-traumatic stress disorder.

And them when I hung up the phone I turned around and asked my friends if 9am was too early in the day to start drinking whiskey, or even better tequila.  And if they could please help me find a bathroom cause I was gonna be sick.

If I EVER say that I can recreate 6500 pages in 10 days someone shoot me.  Please.