Book Trailers

Has everyone heard the buzz about book trailers?

If not you can do some reading here and here.

I'm not totally sure what I think about this whole idea. On one hand it's really cool that books are getting this type of attention but it does leave me wondering about what types of books they will target for this type of marketing. (And more specifically why are they making a trailer for What Casanova Told Me seeing as it was orignally published in 2004???) I don't know if added "hype" will make me want to read a book. I mean look how much hoopla there was about The DaVinci Code and I still haven't read it and no, I don't have any plans to either.

One thing that I did think was interesting in the CBC article is this:
"HarperCollins has produced close to a dozen trailers since early February. The motivation is “to drive early word of mouth,” says Steve Osgoode, director of online marketing and new media for HarperCollins Canada. To that end, the publisher submits the videos to book bloggers, as well as sites like Google Video and"

I don't think I've seen any trailers on book blogs. Any ones I've seen I've had to go to Bookshorts to see.

I don't think that's it's necessarily a horrible marketing plan but this is what I have an issue with - when I read a book I have in my own mind a picture of what people look like, what they sound like, about the atmosphere, etc. I don't think I like the idea of someone telling me beforehand what people look like etc. I mean we've all experienced books being made into movies etc and things just not being right - the wrong actors, the wrong setting, etc.

Maybe it will influence people who don't read as much as I do though. And hey, I'm sure I'd rather see book trailers added to the pre-movie experience INSTEAD of commercials (note the INSTEAD, I HATE commericials at the movies with a serious passion).

But when it comes down to it what influences my reading more than anything is all of you guys and what your experiences are with the books you've read.