This MUST stop

500 great books by womenAfter my dentist appointment today I went into Nicholas Hoare bookstore to calm my nerves. I was feeling shaky and queasy (I do NOT like dentists). Books are calming and soothing.

I actually went in there looking for a present for someone else. Really I did. But I could find anything to me that screamed out for that person. I found many, many books for me but I was showing SERIOUS restraint. I mean SERIOUS restraint. It's hard at Nicholas Hoare because everything looks so darned interesting. They have great displays. Lots of British books. They just quite simply rock.

So as I said, I was doing really well. The shakes were ebbing. My stomach was less upset. The books were calming me. Just as I was getting ready to leave I saw 500 Great Books By Women. I decided I had to by it because it's a REFERENCE book. You can never have too many of those right??? And it's divided into all these categories that are really useful. And nifty indexes (I love long as I'm not the one creating them - creating them sucks, trust me). And I could get future challenges and ideas from this. I had to buy it. It needed a home. I needed soothing booky therapy after the dentist. We were a match made in heaven.

(And if I remember correctly Danielle has this one too?)