Super Power

One of the questions for BlogMe was this - if you had a super power what would it be?I didn't answer because I didn't HAVE an answer yesterday. But now I do.

I'd like to take people and make them see themselves through others. I want them to maintain all their own memories but to step into another person and feel all their memories and experiences. I want them to see and feel themselves through other people.  I want the bully to see and feel himself through his victim. I want the rapist to be his victim. I want the people who start wars to be the innocents that get caught in them. I want the racists to be the people they attack.  I want people to swap religions. I want anglophones to be francophones and francophones to be anglophones. I want the people with guns to be the person they are pointing them at. I want the people with low self-esteem to see themselves through someone who loves them. I want skinny people who talk trash about people with weight problems to experience what that feels like to have a weight problem. I want anorexic teenage girls to see how beautiful their mothers think they are.  I want the people who step on and use others to gain power to be each and every person they stepped on.  I want drunk drivers to be the people they crash into. I want the people who cut welfare benefits to be the single mother struggling to raise 4 kids on a minimum wage job. I want the people in fancy restaurants stuffing their face with lobster to be the lobster fishermen and the men and the women who work in the lobster plants.

Would it make a difference? Maybe not. Probably not.  But if it made one person do one nice thing or stop being mean to other people or stop a violent crime or one young girl to realize her self-worth it would be worth it.  If it make people THINK it would be worth it.

If I can't have all that can I have the power to step inside books and become a character? Cause that would be hella cool.  I mean I could spend a year inside the world of Harry Potter. How cool would it be to be Dumbledore? Or Snape? Or the Weasley twins?  Or I could step inside Jane Austen and be Lizzie Bennett.  Or step inside something else and be a PIRATE! Yarrrrrrrrrr!

Now back to our regularly scheduled dental freakout.