I've been tagged by drumsnwhistles for Blog Me, Baby. Alas I will not be going to BlogHer this year but I'm plotting for next year. You know, if things goes well and I'm still employed and all that jazz. But luckily I know that you will all be liveblogging (right???) I'll live vicariously through you all.

[Umm I got rambley. Oh well.]

1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging because Cat did it. And Kit-Cat is way cooler than she thinks she is and therefore she can influence me. I signed up for a Blogger blog because I wanted to have a log-in ID so I wouldn't have to post anonymously on her blog (she was at blogger before she got her own domain). I really didn't intend to blog and my first post is a good indication of that. That was in September 2004 (I'll soon be two! How many years is that in blog-years???). And then about a month later I decided I wanted to spew words and hey I had a blog so why not? Eventually I got annoyed with Blogger (I was having template issues) so in May of this year I switched to Wordpress (err also kinda because of Cat cause she uses Wordpress and as I've said, she's cool and can influence me). I can't modify it as much but I also don't have to deal with as much code. It's a fair trade-off.

In August of last year I started my book blog because I was reading a lot and I was losing track of what I was reading. And sometimes I wanted to talk about books but I didn't want it to take over this blog (aka the blog where I complain a lot).

Then in November of last year I started a food blog because I'm a foodie at heart. It's really how I first started communicating with people on the internet (I miss you foodie julia). You see my blogroll over there - one way or another, through various degrees of Kevin Baconness, most of them I met via food. And that includes Cat - I met her at a work dinner party thing and then we became better friends after I baked her a birthday cake a month or two later. And Denise even though she claims not to be a foodie (note: I didn't say you were one - no name-calling. :lol:).

2. How do you use blogging to build friendships?
I've used my blog to maintain friendships. Blogs are one of the ways that I keep up with Kit-Cat. We don't talk on the phone often and email can be umm...sporadic, so blogs let us see into each other's daily stuff. Same for the Young One (who after 5 years still always manages to be younger than I think he is).

Blogs have allowed me to extend already existing online friendships. I've known Shelly, Em, LJ, Vanda and Lee for years online. But in blogging they've claimed their space and voice for me in ways that didn't always come across on message boards. I think it was only with blogging that I was really exposed to the depth of Lee's artistic ability for example. I miss TW when she doesn't post for awhile on her blogs (although I understand her silences) because I miss her voice and what she has to say (even if I don't comment, I'm always reading).

I think that most of the new friendships I've formed have been in the book blog/lit-blog community. I still feel as though I'm standing in the edges of that community but it's a warm and welcoming place. Women who read rock (as does Hobgoblin who I think is the only man I read who really talks books). Go to my book blog and check out the blogroll for lots of examples of booky rockyness.

3. How would you describe your writing style?
Word vomit littered with mass misuse of punctuation (and occasionally vocabulary) and a parenthetical addiction.

4. What don’t you write about? Anything considered a no-no in your book?
I don't write about my relationships with men. It's a personal choice. They may be vaguely referred to occasionally but no details. The last couple of guys I have dated either know about the blogs or have friends who read them. If I were to start dating someone "seriously" that might change as I do write about my life and if they are part of my life it would be odd for them not to appear. Although I have no issues writing about my "evil ex". He broke my cat (she's fine now, she had surgery years ago). In breaking my cat he relinquished all rights although I will only refer to him as the "evil ex".

I also am wary about writing too much about my family. My family is large and complicated and there are some things regarding my family that I'm not ready to talk about and I may not ever be.

5. Are you and your blogging persona the same person?
With three blogs do I have the same persona on all of them? Hmm, I'm not sure that I do. I tend to be complainy on this one, non-committal on the book blog and ranty (and occasionally amusing) on the food blog. They are all facets of my personality. I think the biggest difference between online and in real life is that in real life I'm much quieter and tend to be rather shy. That occasionally comes of as bitchy or stuck-up but it's not, it's insecurity/awkwardness/etc.

6. What is your favorite thing that you wrote?
I'm pretty fond of my underwear post. But then, I'm pretty fond of undwear.  I lost all the comments to that post when I switched from Blogger to Wordpress though (I had haloscan at Blogger).

Ok. I did the online party. So someone hand me a margarita please!, ,