blow me downJessica posted about Katie MacAlister's Blow Me Down recently and it served to remind me that I've been half meaning to pick this up. My library doesn't carry Katie Macalister's books for some reason.

While I don't generally read romance novels Macalister's books also carry a good dose of humour. They've even been known to make me laugh out loud. I like a book that can do that. She also tends to have engaging main characters that I like.

In this particular book Amy is a woman who is all work, work, work, work. Her teenage daughter decides she needs to play more so she makes her mother log into a virtual reality pirate game. But then something happens and Amy gets stuck there. Yes, she is stuck in a virtual reality pirate game. So what is there for her to do but to fall for a pirate?

It's fun. It's funny. It was a nice fluffy distraction from everything else that I should be doing this weekend. :)