The Shop on Blossom Street

shop on blossom streetI recently read Debbie Macomber's A Good Yarn which I should have read after The Shop on Blossom Street. Yeah I know, I'm reading them backwards. Whatever. It happens. So I was already familiar with some of the characters.

As with the first one it flits around between several characters. I find it hard to judge on things like character development because I had read the second one. But it really wasn't bad. Sometimes it was hard to figure out how much time was passing though.

These books do have me rather curious about knitting a sock on two circular needles. I may need to look into this.

Oh and I think that I forgot to mention this with A Good Yarn but the books have knitting patterns in them. I think I might have to photocopy the pattern for the baby blanket in this one. It seems pretty simple and as though you could mix it up by adding colours etc. I don't know anyone who needs a baby blanket though. Oh well, Piper likes knitted things. I can make on for my cat. Or for charity.;)