Summer Reading Challenge - halfway pointish

So, tomorrow is the last day of week 7. This is the status so far.

  1. Read book I own but haven’t read x5 x1

  2. Read a banned/challenged book x4 x3

  3. Read a classic that I haven’t read before x4 x2

  4. Read a history book x3 x2

  5. Read a book I’ve started before but never finished x3 x1

  6. Read a biography x2 x1

  7. Read a play (at least one Shakespeare) x 2

  8. Read a non-fiction book about something scientific (how’s that for nice and general?) x2 x1

  9. Read a book of poetry x1 x0

  10. Read a collection of short stories x1 x0

  11. Read a book in French x1

Total books = 28 14

I've gotten half of my books read. Yay! However it's only because I put on a big push in the last week and a half or so. Will I make it to the end on time??? It's possible but I do have doubts. I kind of feel like I've gotten a lot of the "easy" ones out of the way. When I felt like I was falling behind I'd grab a book from my personal collection of TBR books. As you can see I only have one of those left. And I find I tend to be a bit slow when I read history books. And I have no idea what I'm going to read for the rest of the challenge books. I did buy my french book the other day though. :)

It's possible, but by no means am I in the clear.

How's everyone else doing as we reach the halfway point?