I've been thinking lately that I've got me some good 80s hair. When I don't blow it dry it goes BIG. Even bigger on humid days. It's not a particularly attractive big either. A definate "before" in a makreover shot.

When I do actually dry my hair it does this Farrah Fawcett flippy thing. The only thing is I don't TRY to make it look like that. It just GOES that way. I tell you I would have been the envy of many a teenager back in the day. Especially if I should ever try to make it all flippy-like (which I DON'T).

But I had hoped that I was the only person that noticed the Fawcettness of my hair. Alas, that was a misguided hope. Yesterday I go, I sit down in the chair and I get:

"Hmm that's a nice Farrah Fawcett thing your hair has going on."


So the hair has been cut. it's now shoulder length which is WEIRD because in winter it was a good 5 or 6 inches longer. I think I miss the length but I'm not positive. I think I might need to grow it out again after the summer...we'll see.

But most importantly, my stylist took some thinning sheers to my hair. Now it should be less big. If it's going to be less Farrah remains to be seen but somehow I doubt is as it is just what my hair DOES.