Face on the Milk Carton - SRC #13

face on the milk cartoon carolyn b cooneyThis almost feels like cheating. I'm sure I've read Carolyn B Cooney's The Face on the Milk Carton before...when I was about 10. It's possible that I even owned it temporarily. But the thing is, I really didn't remember anything about it other than some girl saw her face on a milk carton and (understandably) freaked out about it.

What I couldn't figure out is why the heck this book shows up on banned/challenged book lists. Apparently there was sexual content that I didn't remember. This perplexed me. I figured since I know I read this when I was young I would remember the sex stuff.

So when I decided that I would read some banned/challenged books this summer I put this one at the top of the list so I could satisfy my curiosity. So I read it and you've got to be kidding me right? THAT itty bit of talk *about* doing it makes this a frequently challenged book??? Give me a break. The people who challenge this book will likely spontaneous combust picking up just about any book in the "teen" section at my local bookstore.

Other than that - meh. I wouldn't mind picking up the sequels to find out what happens (I think I've read the second one but not the third) but only because I hate unfinished storylines. But I'm not going to cause there are books out there that I want to read much more (and are hopefully better). Reeve annoyed me because he came off as a whiney boy and I have no patience for whiney boys.