X-Weighted - end of the season

I have to say, the last few episodes weren't nearly as good as I had hoped. The chick that did the "cleansing fasts" annoyed me. Then there was the party girl. And the last girl and the pills she was taking? It disappointed me. And was it just me or did her final shot for the men's mag (a whole other rant) look seriously air brushed? Sigh. And the diet she was on?? Hello seriously restrictive. She seemed like a nice girl and I hate that I didn't like her you know? But pills that "help" you work out are just a damned bad idea. And she's a smart girl. Now I'm going to have to worry about her now. Cause as soon as she lets up on the crazy diet and the pills and the crazy workouts she's so gonna gain all that weight back. And the whole point of the show is to try to *prevent* those scenarios. They advocate a sensible diet and regular exercise.

For the person who is searching for how to get on to X-Weighted - you have to go to lifenetwork.ca and to their casting call page. There's a form to download. Good luck! If you get on drop me a comment! I'll cheer for you!