Yeah, I really am in a funk. A large part of it is due to the fact that I've been hiding in my apartment in order to avoid the evil, vile neighbours.  But you know what - I'm done.  Fuck them. That's right FUCK THEM.

True encountering them does cause me stress and the stress does unpleasant things to my tummy.  But then so does excessive heat. And greasy food.  So fuck them.

And if they don't move out I may just have to. Which I really don't want to do cause all I'll be able to afford is another basement apartment and this really is very nice in terms of basement apartments and I'm not likely to find another one this nice in this area for the same price.

But hopefully they will move out. I think they might be. I'm not sure.  I'm not asking them either. But I'm hoping.

So today I'm wearing real clothes.  I even used a blow dryer on my hair although that was mostly because I knew I was going to be leaving the house today and when i don't blow dry my hair it gets big. Like 80s big.  It's very scary.

So at lunch I'm going to walk to blockbuster and return a movie. And then stop at the pet store and buy kitty litter.  And after work I'm going to the library to pick up some things.

Oh yes, I'm going crazy. I'm a regular girl done wild.

Whatever. I'm in a funk.

Ignore me.