That time of the month

No, not that time. This is a book blog you know?

Once a month my library posts their latest acquisitions. know the books that are on order and should be ready to take out in ohhh a month or two.

This may otherwise be known as "The Day of the Month that Sassymonkey's Request List Balloons". It does more than balloon. It becomes seriously bloated. I spend all month reducing my request list and then BOOM! It all goes to waste.

I can't help it. There are all these NEW SHINY BOOKS and they are saying "Hey baby, you know you want to take me home."

Sigh. I even get bad pickup lines from books. It's a sad but true part of my life.

(If by any chance the creepy dude that followed me around the bookstore last night is reading this (and I really, really hope not) I just want to let you know that following someone around a bookstore while you try to think of a cleaver way to hit on them is just plain CREEPY and I'm glad I escaped before you thought of something stupid to say other than the "hi" when you almost ran into me.)

Of course, sometimes I've already fished out these new books and am already on the request list for them (hahaha sucks to be all you other people). In some cases I've already requested them, read them and returned them.

It's a dangerous day in this house. It's the day of the month that I curse being able to access my library account online.  I will blindly request books and hope that they are good when they arrive (luckily they usually are).

Ok, enough book talk. There are dishes to do, dinner to cook and Canada's Next Top Model to watch. ;)