Oops…the sequel

So tonight I went out for a yummy dinner. Then after dinner we wandered and ended up at a bookstore.  And guess what I did?

Yes I bought more damned books.

I bought:

  1. The Secret Garden - I want to read it for the SRC b/c I've never read it and it matched my copy of The Little Princess. I want to check out what other books I can buy from this series.

  2. A Cooks Tour - I've already read it but I liked it and it was cheap. I'll read it again someday. I meant to lend it to Jony since I told him he should read it but I forgot.  I'll lend it to him another time.

  3. An Adoration - It's a GG award winner.  Gotta support the Canadians (and it was really cheap).

  4. Driving Men Mad - I liked the title and it was cheap. Do I really need another reason???

I'm going to blame the half bottle of wine that I drank with dinner.  Plus my feet hurt.

Both good reasons right???

(I did get all these books for somethink like $27 so it's not a huge splurge but it MUST STOP!)