Book of Longing - SRC #12

book of longing leonard cohen(Yes, I know this is the 3rd SRC book I've posted about tonight but I've been almost done of this and Candyfreak for a few days so I just sat down and finished them tonight.)

I'm going to be honest. Poetry intimidates the hell out of me. It didn't used to be that way. I used to like poetry quite a bit. I like the way that people played with words. I liked the rhythm. But then once upon a time someone told me that I wasn't just supposed to enjoy a poem. I was supposed to dig into it and flesh out all the symbolism and hidden meaning and blah, blah, blah. I was reading poetry wrong.
Basically they sucked the enjoyment completely out of it.

I've been gradually attempting to work my way back into the whole poetry. But still, I find that often people are seriously well...serious about poetry. And I am not.

Which is why I enjoyed Leonard Cohen's Book Of Longing. While reading it you do get the feeling that Cohen sees the whole poet status thing less than seriously and appears to encourage you to as well. Also, there's a certain amount crudeness to it. I have to admit it appealed to me. We've all heard/read many a poem that goes on about the beauty of something or someone. But it's rare that in the middle of someone will then say "and then I went and took a piss". But Cohen does. I think basically he's just doing his thing and if you like it great and if not even better.

I liked it. Yeah, moments of crudeness. Yes, very male as well (I really don't know how else to say it other than very male). I loved all the little sketches and drawings through out the volume. It's probably not for everyone. And yet Cohen is celebrated among many as a poet so what the hell do I know. Obviously not much when it comes to poetry. But I know myself and self says thumbs up.

I heard an interview with Cohen a few months ago where he talked about this book and read some of the poems in it. I wouldn't mind finding it and listening to it again.

And in the words of Cohen himself, "Dear Reader, forgive me if I have wasted your time."