Body Language - SRC #11

body languageI needed something to read on the subway last night since I knew I had about a 40 minute trip each way. Millie Criswell's Body Language was small and fit in my bag. It won.

Likeable characters. Ok plot. BAD dialogue.

It kind of felt like watching a chick-flick with really bad dialogue. The book really did remind me a lot of a movie.

Overall - worth the fifty cents I paid for it at Goodwill. But not much more.
I meant to blog about this earlier today and forgot. But that's a good thing. Cause I remembered that since I do own this book it qualifies for a summer reading challenge book. Woohoo! lol Yes I do kind of feel like I'm cheating by adding this to my SRC list but it is week 7, I'm behind and at this point I don't care if my list is polluted with this book.

(Did I mention the bad dialogue??? Seriously bad dialogue.)