In Lieu

As I've mentioned before I absolutely love Walker's Stem Ginger Biscuits.  But I can't find them anywhere. I look in every grocery and speciality store I go into. I even looked in PEI.  I'm very, very tempted to order a damn case of things. Yes, you heard me right, a CASE.  When you are sweets inclined and you find a cookie that you can sit down and eat by the box you know you've got a damned good cookie (note that there are only 9 cookies in a box...).

The one thing that is preventing me from ordering this cake are Ester Gould's Mandelbroit Cookies from the St. Lawrence Market, specifically the apricot ginger cookies.

They aren't the same but they are a pretty darned good substitution.  They go really well with vanilla rooibos tea too.

But someday I *am* going to breakdown and order a case of Walker's online (I have found a place where I can order them in Canada...)