A Good Yarn

a good yarnDebbie Macomber's A Good Yarn was indeed a good yarn. I enjoyed this novel quite a bit. It's a sequel to The Shop on Blossom Street (which I haven't read - there I go reading things out of order again - I really didn't mean to but it was just sitting there at the library and it was on my list and everything...). It reminded me a lot of the book club books that are out there.One of the most appealing things about knitting is the knitting community (or communities I suppose). I don't belong to any of them mind you. I really don't knit enough.  And well...I'm a chicken when it comes to starting new projects.  I do need to go to the local yarn store this week and buy yarn for Kit-Cat's guitar strap though. I was supposed to do it this weekend but I got out the house too late on Saturday and yesterday...well yesterday my silk jammies were just too darned comfy to get out of. lol Actually, this weekend i did start knitting a little scarf. It's using a pretty but fairly crappy acrylic yarn (which I did not buy at the local yarn store...just in case you thought it sold crappy acrylic yarn). The yarn was cheap and I just wanted something to practice on as I tried out continental style knitting. I'm doing ok with continental style although my hands automatically default to English when I'm not paying attention.  And I'm having tension issues but that's to be expected.

I like that this is centered around a yarn store.  Yarn stores are incredibly friendly places and I'm lucky to have access to two really great ones here.  Even if I rarely go to them. When I do I get all kinds of big ideas that I know I'll never finish. lol Well that and I can never decide what yarn I want to buy or what project to start. I think being in between projects is the worst because they are just so many possibilities out there. It's just far too tempting.  ;-)

Right, the novel.  Characters - Lydia is the owner of the shop and Bethanne, Elise and Courtney are all in her latest knitting class. Bethanne is recently divorced and pretty lost. She has no self confidence at all.  Elise is a retired librarian who finds herself in an unexpected financial bind and has a lot of bitterness for her ex-husband.  Courtney is about to start her senior year of high school but will be starting over at a new school because she's living with her grandmother for a year.  Her father had to take a job in Brazil, her siblings are in college and her mother died four year earlier.  Like the bookclub books that it reminds me of it's about how friendships can form in the unlikeliest of places. I enjoyed it and even if you don't knit I think it would still be enjoyable.  The knitting is just kinda of the background for getting people together.