Resisting everything but temptation

Once upon a time I said I don't buy many books because I've been getting mine from the library. Hmm once upon a time this was mostly true. But over the last few months I've noticed an alarming trend - I've be progressively buying more and more books. It started with a sale here and a sale there. And then I bought books in PEI because I was on vacation and they were all local authors. And then I'd find myself in a bookstore wandering around and buying books that I knew I didn't have time to read. It really wouldn't be a huge issue but I really don't have anyplace to put these books. My bookshelf kind of looks like it's puked over itself.

And then yesterday for absolutely no reason I found myself browsing the books a Goodwill. I had to go to the post office and Goodwill is right across the street... I walked out with 4 books. I have no clue when I'm going to read any of them.

1. Body Language by Millie Criswell. Romance/chick-lit. The whole thing where the ex-boyfriend becomes your boss? In my world that would so not be a romance, it would be a horror. One that might verge into true crime actually.

2. The Navigator of New York by Wayne Johnston. I remember there being buzz about this book at one time and when I read the back it sounded interesting. I suspect that I'll like it. You know that tingly feeling in the back of your brain when you pick up a book that you feel that you're really going to like it? This book is giving me that.

3. Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. I saw the movie so I don't think I'll be in a real rush to read this one. But I liked the movie (I think...or maybe I just liked things about the movie?).

4. Gap Creek by Robert Morgan. Yeah, yeah, it was an Oprah book. I don't really read Oprah books. The first of her selections that I ever read was Deep End of the Ocean and I really didn't like it that much and it made me very wary. Jessica read it in May and didn't like it very much but hey it was cheap, I have a hard time saying no to cheap books.

Total for these books? $6.96

I'm a sucker for cheap books.