Despite the fact that it's Canada Day (Happy Canada Day y'all) the St. Lawrence Market was open today. Since I don't have to garden with my landlord today (we're going to do it during the week) and I really needed coffee I took off.

It was surprisingly crowded today. I think it was a lot of out of towners though. A lot of the people there seemed very touristy.  I was little bit sad that my favourite bakery wasn't open. My original plan was to buy an almond croissant (one of my favourites) and a latte and head outside to enjoy them in the sunshine. Oh well, I still got my latte! Along with my ground coffee which you see above. It's fair trade coffee from ummm somewhere. I buy almost all my coffee from The Everyday Gourmet and almost always fair trade.  And they make really good (and cheap) lattes.  I keep meaning to try their biscotti but it just never seems to be the right time.

I drank my tea and wandered about. I knew I wanted to stop at the butcher but it doesn't make much sense to go their first so I headed across the street to the North Market which is the farmer's market part of the Market. Pretty much everything you see above I got at the North Market.

From the bottom right corner:

New Yukon Gold potatoes - $2.25
Apricot Ginger Cookies - $2 (total treat - soooo tasty and go really good with vanilla rooibos tea)
An assortment of little rolls, I have no idea what most of them are - $2? $3?
Red Currants - $4? $5?
Strawberries - $4 (mmmm)
Raspberries - $4 (there were more in the box, I snacked on them while I waited for the streetcar)
Artichokes - $3
Snowpeas - $2 (these *need* to be washed, popped one in my mouth while taking the pic and ewww chemicals)
Fair trade coffee - $12 (about 1lb - south market)
Kozlik's maple mustard - $6 (south market)
Aside from the above I also stopped at Witteveen Meats to pick up some protein. It had to go in the fridge and it was all wrapped up anyway. I got me some blackened Saskatchewan back ribs, a "kick ass" steak, and 1/2lb of peameal bacon.

I've never cooked (or eaten) artichokes before so that should be an adventure this weekend. An I have no clue at all what I'm going to do with the red currants (any suggestions???).

Tonight's Canada Day dinner??? Yukon Gold potatoes, corn on the cob (bought some at the grocery store yesterday), and the yummy looking ribs. :)

I hope everyone has a great long weekend.